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      The role of precision machining

      First, the main technical documents to guide production
      The planning, scheduling, production of workers, inspection of parts and quality of machining, and calculation of processing costs are all based on process specifications. Dealing with problems in production, often with process rules as a common basis. For handling quality accidents, the responsibilities of all relevant units and personnel shall be determined according to the process rules.

      Second, it is the main basis for production preparation work
      When the workshop wants to produce new parts, it is necessary to first formulate the machining process specifications of the parts, and then prepare for production according to the process rules. Such as: analysis of key processes in the processing of new parts; preparation of the required knives, clamps, measuring tools; procurement or manufacturing of raw materials and blanks; purchase of new equipment or modification of old equipment, etc., must be carried out according to the process.

      Third, is the basic technical documents of the new machinery manufacturing plant
      When constructing a new batch or large-scale machining shop, the type and quantity of the required machine tools and the layout in the workshop should be determined according to the process rules, and then the size of the workshop, the power and hoisting equipment configuration, and the types of work and technology required by the workers should be determined. Level, quantity, etc.

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