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      Is the development of machining technology very good?

      As the times are constantly changing, there are many processing technologies around us, each of which is different. In the industry, we have made different contributions. Precision machining is one of them, then machinery. Is the development of processing technology very good?

      Before the industrial revolution, machinery was mostly made of wood by hand, and metal (mainly steel and iron) was only used to make small parts on instruments, clocks, locks, pumps and wood-framed machinery. Metal processing relies mainly on the craftsman's fine workmanship to achieve the required precision. With the widespread use of steam engines and the consequent development of large machinery such as mines, metallurgy, ships and locomotives, more and more metal parts are needed for forming and machining. The metal materials used are developed from copper and iron to steel. the Lord.

      Machining (including casting, forging, welding, heat treatment and other equipment and cutting technology and machine tools, tools, measuring tools, etc.) has developed rapidly, thus ensuring the supply of various mechanical equipment required for the development of production. At the same time, with the increase of production batches and the development of precision processing technology, it also promotes the formation of a large number of production methods (partition interchangeability, professional division and cooperation, flow processing lines and assembly lines).

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