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      Welcome to Dongguan Kairui Precision Optical Co., LTD.

      Quality System

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      Quality-oriented philosophy
      We fully understand customers' concern about the quality of products, the "quality first" philosophy, embodied in a series of work processes and operating standards, quality control from storage to warehouse management, from processing to finished product, from the File Manager to check the documents, materials circulation in every element of our strict control, in order to ensure the best possible delivery to the customer's products and services to meet customer requirements.


      Quality of raw materials
      We understand the importance of controlling the quality of the source material, carefully selected the best suppliers, and constantly optimize and improve the quality of assessment and procurement processes, Cengcengbaguan to ensure procurement of raw materials can maintain a high level of quality.


      Advanced Inventory Management
      Companies using ERP systems to sophisticated inventory management, inventory plans for the development of appropriate characteristics of different industries, standing hundreds of tons of all kinds of stock, it can quickly and accurately respond to customer needs and to ensure the customer's normal production.


      Quality Policy
      Customer first, quality and efficient; innovation, continuous improvement

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