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      Welcome to Dongguan Kairui Precision Optical Co., LTD.

      Corporate Culture

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      Self-continuous improvement of quality management system system for customers to provide quality products and better services, in continuing the good and progressive spirit to perfect every detail; the essence of financial technology, the reasonable control, step by step, in hand, resources optimization, interlocking, full interpretation of the classic, different radii, different spatial orientation, for the same pursuit, for the same cause.

      Corporate philosophy: do a century enterprise-class brand of plastic
      Customer commitment: to provide customers with the best quality, the most reasonable price, the most reliable delivery times, the most reliable technical services.
      Management: the strictly regulate the management between production runs through
      Service Mission: technology for the pilot: the excellence of the technology being fully reflected in the product
      Quality: all heavy quality, little is fine, for customers everywhere, every day there is innovation.
      Quality concept: the perfect excellent quality, whole-hearted devotion to the top of the market.

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      Contact Person:Ivan Pu
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